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Advanced Technology

dentist showing patient her teethChoosing a dental office that values technology is the best way to ensure you and your loved ones receive the ultimate in high-tech, modern-day dental care. And today, advanced technology makes dentistry more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Fox Creek Family Dental stays attuned to the latest advances in dentistry, regularly updating our Longmont and Loveland, CO offices with the equipment necessary to provide our patients with truly world-class, high-tech dentistry.

dentist using intraoral cameraIntraoral Camera

To ensure that you are fully involved you in your oral healthcare journey, we trust the old maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the intraoral camera, your dentist captures images of your teeth and oral structures as needed, then immediately transfers the photos onto a screen that’s right at your chairside. With the help of these images, we’re able to explain what’s going on in your mouth in clear, easy-to-understand language, so you always leave our office well-informed.

digital x-rayDigital X-Rays

X-rays provide your dentist with a more in-depth look at your teeth to identify issues that just can’t be seen with the naked eye. At Fox Creek Family Dental, we use digital X-ray technology to reduce your exposure to radiation while also improving the accuracy of the image we capture. Digital x-rays are ready instantly, create higher quality pictures, and also don’t take up any of our resources for storage. If we need to refer you to an outside specialist, digital images are easily transferred between offices.

Young woman smiling vibrantlySoft Tissue Laser

Periodontal (gum) surgeries have traditionally required the use of scalpels and stitches, but these days, there is a better option. With the soft tissue laser, your Longmont and Loveland dentists can treat gum disease, recontour uneven gumlines, remove excess tissue, and perform other periodontal treatments with extreme precision. The ultra-concentrated laser beam reduces bleeding and discomfort during the treatment while also actually promoting healing as it works for an easier, faster recovery overall.

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