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6 Reasons You Can Skip Your Dental Checkup

August 11, 2015

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In America alone, nine to fifteen percent of the population have dental phobia. Their anxiety in seeing a dentist is so strong they avoid going for any reason and have to be put under general anesthetic if they are forced to. Most people, however, avoid the dentist for a variety of different reasons.

The most popular excuses of not visiting a dentist include:

“I Practice Excellent Oral Hygiene”

Many people think that if they are following good oral hygiene habits, they will not face any dental problems and so they don’t visit the dentist. However, you will not notice the symptoms of oral diseases until they have progressed considerably.

“It Is too Expensive”

People avoid going to the dentist as they think it is too expensive. Ignoring small oral problems and not visiting the dentist on a regular basis will result in more damage to your dental health as well to your wallet.

“I’ve Had a Bad Experience”

A dental visit was not patient-friendly in the past. However, dentists today can perform any dental procedure with as little pain and as excellent of service as possible.

“It Is Going to Hurt”

People feel that if they will go to the dentist for regular cleanings, they also have to go through the discomfort and pain. However, putting off a dental visit can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

“Nothing Hurts so It Isn’t Necessary”

If you are not scheduling your dental appointment because nothing is hurting or bothering you, you are inviting dental problems that could require more extensive treatment.

“I Have More Important Things to Do”

It’s important to take out some time from your busy schedule to maintain your dental health. Otherwise, it can lead to more visits and also longer ones in the future.

These may all seem to be legitimate excuses not to make a dental appointment.

It is fine to skip your dental check-up…

If You Want to Lose Your Teeth

Untreated gum disease or cavities can result in weakened teeth that break off, leaving unsightly gaps in your mouth.

If You Want to Suffer from Gum Disease

Bacteria in your mouth work silently, causing advanced damage and resulting in sore and bleeding gums.

If You Want to Get Embarrassed due to Bad Breath

Untreated tooth and gum problems are the greatest causes of bad breath.

If You Want Greater Dental Expense and Bills in the Future

The cost of regular cleanings is a lot less than root canals, extractions, and dentures that can result from avoiding regular exams that can catch problems early.

If You Want to Go Through Painful Toothaches

Whether your teeth become sensitive to temperature, get cavities or simply start decaying, tooth pain is among the worst.

If You Want Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Not only heart disease, but some forms of cancer, diabetes, and dementia have all shown to be related to poor dental health.

Visiting your dentist is something that no one enjoys. But, your teeth are subject to wear and tear, even if you practice good oral hygiene. Some terrible things can happen over time if you’re not careful. So, regular dental check-ups are essential and very helpful in the long run for maintaining good oral health.

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