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The Use of Cutting Edge Laser Technology in Dentistry

September 14, 2016

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An Overview:

It has become a very common these days to see dentists using laser technology. The use of lasers in dentistry started way back in the 1990’s.. It has proven to be a safe and reliable method of treating a number of dental issues. In today’s ever changing age of technical breakthroughs, laser has transformed dentistry from “stone age” to “cutting edge”.

It ensures that the dental treatment procedures that used to be lengthy, have now become less time-consuming and more effective. In a nutshell, the use of cutting edge laser technology in dentistry has made dental procedures more efficient than ever.

Use of Lasers in Dentistry:

Some of the uses for laser technology in dentistry are the following:

It can remove the discomfort caused by cold sores and cankers.

It can remove tissues that have overgrown due to medication.

It is used in the treatment of root canal infections.

It can reshape/remove bone and gum tissues while crown lengthening.

It helps in laser periodontal procedures such as removal procedures like abscess, neoplasm and cysts.

It is used in soft tissue procedures such as fibroma removal, implant recovery.

It makes the tooth whitening procedures faster.

Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry:

There are different varieties of lasers used in dentistry such as hard tissue lasers,soft tissue lasers and diode laser. However, the most common and popular among dentists is the diode laser as it is reasonably priced and effective.

Benefits and Safety:

The major benefit of using a laser treatment is the time taken is considerably shorter compared to the conventional procedures. It is less painful and people enjoy a much relaxed procedure. Lasers can control the bleeding of the gum during surgery. It also reduces the amount of bacterias in tooth cavities and diseased gum tissues.

These lasers are safe, as most of the lasers available in US market have gotten 510(k) safety classification by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It is also important that these lasers are used according to the accepted practices by a trained dentist.

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