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Emergency Dentist Explains How to Store a Knocked-Out Tooth

September 11, 2017

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shocked and worried womanYou’re playing your favorite sport when — smack! — you take a hard hit. There is a sharp pain in your mouth, and you notice something small, white, and bloody lying on the field. You lost a tooth! If you weren’t wearing a mouth guard, the first thing you might do is regret that decision. The second thing you should do is take steps to save your tooth. To make it more likely that your emergency dentist in Longmont can reattach your pearly white, you can store it in your mouth, in milk, or in cool water. Why should you do this?

It Is Important to Keep the Tooth Moist

Your teeth thrive in the moist environment in your mouth. Your saliva helps wash away bacteria and prevent decay, but moisture is important for the entire tooth, not just the part that is above the gum. If an avulsed (knocked out) tooth dries out, it can suffer serious damage. It may even become impossible to reattach.

How to Keep the Tooth Moist

If possible, slip the tooth back into its socket. This should be doable unless your injury is severe to the point where you can’t tolerate having the tooth there. However, be cautious if it was a child who got injured; be sure the little one is old enough that he or she won’t accidentally swallow the tooth.

Another option is to use a tooth preservation kit to store the tooth; if you keep first-aid supplies in your car, you can put the kit with them. However, if you don’t have a specialized kit to save your avulsed pearly white, your next best option is milk. The calcium in the milk should help to preserve the tooth.

When milk isn’t available, you can use cool water as a last resort. However, try not to use plain tap water because the roots of your tooth may not be able to tolerate it well. Filtered water might be a better option.

Get to Your Emergency Dentist Right Away

As soon as you’re injured, call your emergency dentist in Longmont and then make a beeline for the dental office. If you’re able to receive treatment less than an hour after you lose the tooth, it’s probable that your dentist can save it.

The exact steps your dental care provider will take to replace the tooth will depend on the extent of your injuries. If your jaw and gums are still in relatively good shape, the procedure might be fairly simple. Regardless of how badly you’re injured, however, your dentist in Longmont may attempt to save the tooth by creating a splint to hold it in place. It can take three to four weeks for the tooth to reattach permanently to your bone.

An avulsed tooth is a true dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Store the tooth in your mouth or in milk to increase the chances that your smile won’t have to suffer from a brand-new gap.

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