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Hey Dentist, What Does It Mean if My Teeth Aren’t White?

February 10, 2018

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white and yellow teethWe love white smiles. Anyone with straight, bright teeth has a grin that demands attention. In our minds, we might automatically equate these dazzling smiles with good dental health. If your own teeth aren’t perfectly white, you could even be concerned that you have an underlying issue that is compromising your mouth’s well-being. But that’s not always the case. Your dentist in Longmont explains that the color of your teeth as little to do with your oral health.

White Teeth and Healthy Teeth Aren’t the Same Thing

Nature doesn’t give anyone perfectly white teeth. Enamel, the outermost layer of our chompers, is naturally a bluish-white color. It’s also a bit translucent, meaning that it’s often possible to see hints of the yellow dentin beneath the enamel. Therefore, even teeth that are perfectly healthy and stain-free aren’t always the bright white color that we often associate with an attractive smile.

But what if your teeth are stained? Chompers that have an obvious yellow tint to them aren’t very pleasing to look at, but stains don’t always mean that you have a cavity or other oral health issue. In fact, teeth naturally become discolored over time due to age, genetics, and daily habits like drinking wine and coffee.

Still, if your teeth are unusually dark or you’ve been experiencing symptoms of cavities, you should head to a dentist to have a checkup.

How to Have a White And Healthy Smile

Advancements in science have made it possible for modern humans to enjoy smiles that are both bright and healthy. However, some people take teeth whitening to an extreme — a habit that can actually harm teeth. Overbleaching, or bleaching teeth that aren’t healthy, can irritate the gums and cause extreme sensitivity.

If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, the best thing for you to do is pay a visit to your cosmetic dentist in Longmont. First, they’ll make sure that your stained teeth are strong enough to stand up to whitening. Then, they can provide you with an at-home whitening kit that will produce dramatic results in just a couple of weeks. Or, if you want a brighter smile as fast as possible, you can undergo an in-office procedure for teeth whitening in Longmont.

Professional bleaching under the care of a qualified dentist is a safe and effective option for folks who crave a smile that’s as beautiful as it is healthy.

Keeping Stains Away

After you have your teeth whitened, you should take steps to keep stains away. This isn’t difficult to do since many of the same habits that maintain your oral health also minimize staining. For example, you’ll need to brush your teeth twice a day, limit your consumption of foods and beverages that have a lot of acid or dark coloring, and visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings.

Yellow teeth usually aren’t a big deal for your oral health, but if you want to say goodbye to those stains, your dentist in Longmont would be happy to help!

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