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Family Dentist in Loveland | Getting Your Child Excited for the Dentist

June 12, 2018

Your child’s oral health is extremely important. So, you need to make sure you can get them to our family dentist in Loveland. But, that’s easier said than done. These five tips can help you get your entire family to the dentist in a breeze!

Who is the best family dentist in Loveland?

Listen to Their Fears

Dental anxiety and fear are very real – and extremely common. So, take your child’s fears seriously and address them one-by-one.

Practice at Home

Have fun roleplaying a dental visit at home! This’ll prepare your child for what may happen and can leave them feeling more comfortable about what’s to come.

Watch Your Language

A lot of the time, children are afraid of the tools a dentist may use. So, instead of trying to teach them the specifics of their dental visit, make sure you’re keeping things age-appropriate. Avoid talking about any drills or poking about that may go on. Your dentist will know how to handle this during the visit.

When should my child see a family dentist in Loveland?

Tell Your Dentist

If you have a child who is unsure or fearful of the dentist. Let them know beforehand. Our dentists are well-equipped to handle dental anxiety. So, we can ensure that we’ll take the proper precautions to put them at ease throughout the entire visit.

Offer a Reward

If you know your child is less than thrilled about going to the dentist, offer them a little reward. Maybe it’s a sweet treat or a fun day out, associate going to the dentist with something that’s positive!

Are You Looking for a Family Dentist in Loveland?

Seeing a family dentist in Loveland can make your life a lot easier! Our dentists are trained and excited to treat all the members of your family. So, contact us today to schedule your family’s next dental appointment.

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