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Your Emergency Dentist in Longmont

family portraitDental emergencies are scary -- no one wants to break a tooth, be in pain, or see blood coming from their mouth. If one happens to you, it is important that you seek professional attention right away. Did you know your dentist is equipped to handle urgent situations like a knocked out tooth or tooth abscess? It’s true. Keep reading to learn what counts as a dental emergency, what you should do right after one occurs (hint: call your emergency dentist in Longview), and what we will do next to help.

What Is Considered As a Dental Emergency?

A “dental emergency” is a term that encompasses anything that is broken, bleeding, or causing you pain in your mouth. Sports injuries are perhaps the most common cause, but insufficient dental hygiene can also lead to the small cavities that turn into significant toothaches or abscesses.

young woman with a toothacheDo not delay urgent care because you are unsure whether or not your situation counts as an emergency. Some of the most common emergency situations we treat include:

In most cases, your dentist is far better-equipped to handle a dental emergency than the ER. However, if you are bleeding from the mouth heavily for more than 10 minutes or if you suspect you have broken a bone in your jaw, you should head straight to the emergency room. We will be happy to provide follow-up care for your smile once the situation is under control. 

Dental Emergency Tips

Man giving a thumbs upThe first thing you should do when you realize you have an urgent oral health situation on your hands is to get in touch with Fox Creek Family Dental. When you place this call, we will provide important first-aid tips tailored to your specific situation. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most common ones below.

How We Can Help

The precise treatment for your dental emergency will depend on what has occurred, but in general, most injuries or urgent issues can be repaired with one of our comprehensive services

Contact Us ASAP

The next time something goes wrong with your oral health, don’t hesitate to get professional help. Who can you call? The team at Fox Creek Family Dental, where you will find your Longmont emergency dentist waiting for you! Contact us ASAP during your next dental emergency.