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Restorative Services in Loveland and Longmont

woman smiling in gardenDespite our best efforts at prevention, there will likely come a time that your smile is affected by decay, infection, or injury. In fact, the majority of older adults are missing at least one tooth. When a dental issue occurs in Longmont and Loveland, CO, the skilled team at Fox Creek Family Dental can restore oral health with one or more treatments in restorative dentistry. We invite you to schedule an appointment for superior care today! 

bridge on prostheticsTraditional Dental Crown & Bridge

Dental crowns and bridges are two of the most popular restorative treatments. Serious tooth decay and damage can be repaired with a dental crown, while a dental bridge replaces one or more lost teeth to help you eat, speak, and smile with confidence once again.

Dental crowns and bridges can be constructed of several materials, including porcelain, porcelain fused-to-metal, gold, and metal alloys. The one that is right for your smile depends on the location of the restoration – teeth in the front of the smile benefit from natural-looking porcelain, while back teeth often need the superior strength of gold or metal.

Your new crown and/or bridge will be placed over two visits to Fox Creek Family Dental. In the first appointment, the tooth/teeth are reshaped to make room for the restoration. A temporary crown covers the tooth while the crown or bridge is manufactured in a separate lab. You will return to our office about two weeks later for its final placement.

two women laughingTooth-Colored Fillings

Repairing minor dental problems in the front teeth shouldn’t affect the appearance of your natural smile. Composite resin can be used to fill new cavities, replace old gray dental work, or make minor cosmetic improvements (see direct bonding).

Tooth-colored fillings offer a highly-aesthetic alternative to silver, or amalgam, restorations. But they are not just more cosmetically pleasing. In addition to coming with a precise color-matching guide to blend beautifully with your surrounding tooth enamel, tooth-colored fillings also:

  • Restore up to 85% of your natural chewing strength
  • Are less sensitive to heat and cold
  • Leave more of your healthy tooth enamel intact
  • Last as long as silver fillings
  • Dry within minutes under a special UV light

For their ability to strengthen tooth enamel while also providing long-lasting results, tooth-colored fillings are becoming the standard treatment for repairing decay and improving the appearance of minor cosmetic flaws.

man in blue shirt smilingDentures & Partial Dentures 

Partial or total tooth loss can be repaired with dentures, which are prosthetic teeth attached to a base that looks like your gum tissue. Dentures are a sturdy solution to tooth loss, especially for patients who are not fit for the dental implant procedure. A partial denture fits in with the healthy natural teeth like a missing puzzle piece, while a complete denture is held in place with natural suction. A denture adhesive can provide additional security.

illustration of toothRoot Canal Therapy

Despite its reputation for being painful or a procedure to dread, root canal therapy is usually the only thing that will save your ailing tooth from extraction. Often, it’s not the procedure itself that causes discomfort, but many people incorrectly associate the pain of the original toothache with the treatment that soothes it. Root canals are usually performed over two visits to the dentist. With anesthesia, sedation, and the state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, you can trust the team at Fox Creek Family Dental to perform comfortable, efficient root canal therapy.

woman with white smileDental Extractions

We will do everything we can to save your natural teeth whenever possible. But sometimes, extraction is necessary for your continued oral and overall health in order to prevent or solve instances of impaction and infection. For instance, the wisdom teeth (third molars) that emerge in late adolescence often require removal. When there’s no hope of restoring the tooth back to its original health, your dentists at Fox Creek Family Dental perform simple and surgical extractions as needed.